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The couple met each other at a Los Angeles opera house and started dating each other.

The couple welcomed their first child, Atticus, in 2003 and their second child, Finley, in 2006 and third baby, Azelie, in 2006.

My skin still crawls when we get guns on the set because guns for me, and in Israel, are something that is there for killing. It's all fun." (Guardian Of The Tomb by Jeff Bond, 2001) Q. I was always very practical and I never felt that acting was a good job to be in. You know, that came out and Deuce Bigalow was coming out and me with the long hair and all the rest of it.

Did you ever consider being an actor when you were growing up? I moved to Germany and tried to start a marketing business with my father, but it just didn't thrill me. I was dating my now wife at the time and she wouldn't have anything to do with me for three months just because of that nice little article.

(My Favorite Weekend - Oded Fehr by Robin Rauzi, L. Times Calendar section, 2001) "I didn't know how to ride a horse in the first [Mummy]," Fehr reveals, "So I concentrated quite strongly on this one. He's a nice guy." (a Fehr to remember by Dennis Hensley, Movieline, 2001) That is a question you should ask the people around me.

I rode in LA, I rode in Toronto, I rode here in London. And when we were out in Morocco, I stayed a whole month - about two weeks longer than any of the other actors - to shoot the huge battle scene. I would say my strongest quality is that I try never to hurt any living thing, and my worst is that I try and do everything myself as I don't trust others enough to get it right.

I got to do a lot of riding and did all my horse stunts. You grow up in a country where it's all very hard and it's a very painful history there. (Oded answers questions on the Deep Undercover Message Board, January 2002) And in 1999 People Magazine voted him - this is the worst...

You leave the country and you find the most wonderful people who used to be on the other side, who are supposed to be your enemies.

The person will have to file a request with the ministry of interior, who can deny the request. When she comes she’ll have a resident visa and undergo a long process of naturalization lasting for a few years.

These children fight the worst enemy of all, cancer.

One time a 13 year old said about a five year old: "It is sad that he never got to experience life as I did." Oded: My Mom... I keep calling my Mom up and I'm all excited about things that's happening and everything.

A lot of people are curious about their love affair and married life as they are going good in their relationship ever since they got married. It's still a question that when and how exactly the couple first met but they reportedly had their first meeting at Los Angeles opera.

So far no conflicts and controversy in their relationship have been reported. Let's get inside the personal life of the couple and find out all the details about their married life and relationship. After months of dating, the two love birds finally tied the knot on 22 December 2002 but seems their wedding was held in a secret ceremony as we don't find a single picture of their wedding.

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