What is pdt identity token for validating orders

Please note the purpose of adding this class is to intercept incoming HTTP Request and Retrieve and using Microsoft. we will need to add a class at root level that extends from Delegating Handler and we will override Send Async method. Now, I don’t sulk on this day, and you shouldn’t either.No mother wants to leave her children, ever, I know if my mom had been given a choice she would have been here till she was 100, barking orders at us and demanding we get her a coffee light with three sugars from Dunks everyday, but God had other plans and I can’t, none of us can, even attempt to ask “why”.

Securing our controller ; Let’s decorate our Values Controller with Authorize attribute and you can use any Rest client tool to make a post call to these endpoints like Postman, fiddler or chrome extension .

You are not alone in having that emptiness ache inside of you on this day.

It’s a visual, concrete reminder of all that you have lost and for all that you’ll miss.

I can’t order her something for Mother’s Day and have it sent to her house.

I alway get sad when I walk past that stupid Mother’s Day card section, knowing I don’t have anyone to buy one for anymore- even three years later.

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It doesn’t real “heal” though, more just changes you. No longer can I call up my mom and ask her for advice, or share a funny story that the kids did.

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