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However, if the stock basis is depleted before Corporation distributes all of its assets, then any subsequent distributions will result in taxable gain to the extent that there is gain recognized in those subsequent distributions.In either a liquidating or a nonliquidating distribution, a distribution of cash to Shareholder will only decrease Shareholder’s stock basis by the amount of cash distributed.

If Corporation distributes the note to Shareholder in a complete liquidating distribution and Shareholder receives the note in exchange for Shareholder’s stock within 12 months of Corporation adopting a plan of liquidation and the liquidation is completed within that 12-month period, then Shareholder’s receipt of the note is not treated as a receipt of payment for Shareholder’s stock; instead, Shareholder’s receipt of the payments on the note is treated as receipt of payment for Shareholder’s stock and he would not owe any taxes on the note until Shareholder actually receives each payment.

Generally, if the fair market value of the asset exceeds the basis of the asset, the difference is the gain recognized; if the basis exceeds the fair market value, you recognize a loss.

Despite not knowing the fair market value and basis of Corporations’ assets, we can describe the general tax consequences to Corporation and Shareholder when liquidating an S Corporation.

If Shareholder has sufficient stock basis, then a simple liquidating distribution of all of Corporation’s assets will not result in a tax liability.

Every asset that is distributed will increase Shareholder’s stock basis by the gain recognized in the distribution and decrease Shareholder’s stock basis by the fair market value of the asset distributed.

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Accordingly, if Corporation has any outstanding debts, it should pay off those debts with cash to reduce the amount of cash to be distributed to Shareholder.

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