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And now with Siri Shortcuts for Home Pod, i OS, and watch OS, you can run multi-action commands through simple phrases custom-designed to fit your needs.If you have trouble using standard gestures, like pinch, you can use Assistive Touch to change them.Close-up of his ear reveals that he is wearing a hearing aid. Using these features may feel like magic, but it’s very much by design. He has long, black hair and wears a black t-shirt with a red and white logo that reads: "Distartica." Voice Over: Reverb Nation. When products are designed to be accessible, more people can do what they love. [Students chatter] Sheet music is placed onto a stand. [Musical scales] Shane: Now are you going to be able to play today or not, Morgan? [Clarinets play quietly] Shane changes the i Phone preset from Normal to Music. In the Hearing Devices menu, she increases Hearing Device Mic Volume to fifty-five percent. With high-quality video and a fast frame rate, Face Time is a great way for people who use sign language to communicate easily.[wind blowing loudly] Cut to a close-up of the man’s i Phone screen. [wind blowing quietly] (Woman) Three miles to the summit. Cut to a young boy in a classroom, studying on an i Pad while wearing headphones. He uses an i Phone, running his finger across the screen. That’s why we build powerful features into every operating system and every device to help people who are deaf or hard of hearing. [Volume increases] She holds a conductor's baton and sweeps her arms upward. And because Mac, i Phone, i Pad, and i Pod touch all come equipped with Face Time, you can talk to i OS and mac OS users across the street or across the globe.

Since the young man is blind, he uses the Voice Over feature to follow audible commands in the Camera app. (Sady narrating) And you can start the day bright and early. Her lamp turns on and the window shade rises automatically as a result of pressing the button. Cut to a doorway as a man exits, prepared to go on a hike with friends. (Sady narrating) You can take a trip to somewhere new. You can take a perfect group selfie just by hearing how many faces are in the frame. Carlos: Album will be dropping worldwide on April 14th comma 2017 exclamation mark. It works on Mac, i Phone, i Pad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and all apps from the App Store. The i Phone is synced to "Shane Hearing Aids.” Shane: Let’s try it. Shane pushes her hair over her right ear, revealing a hearing device. For quiet conversations, move your i Phone or i Pad closer to the people who are speaking, and the built-in microphone will amplify what they’re saying.And now Screen Time helps everyone better understand and manage device usage. [Cheering] The three girls smile as they look up at the field. For some students, navigating the web on i Pad, i Phone, or Mac can be sensory overload. It strips away ads, buttons, and navigation bars, allowing you to focus on just the content you want.Whether it’s for yourself or a family member, you can view the amount of time spent in apps and set specific limits for each one. Meera taps the screen of her i Pad, generating a response. And on Mac, you can choose to use Reader automatically on websites where it’s available.[music swelling] Camera zooms out to reveal that this is a video that Sady is editing in Final Cut Pro. Siri helps you with the things you do every day on your i Phone, i Pad, or Mac.All the previous scenes described above are quickly played in reverse as well. But you can also use Siri without speaking commands.

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[Whistle blows] Three teenage girls sit on the sidelines of a soccer game. Two of the girls lean in to watch the middle girl, Meera, as she uses an i Pad.

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