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Strangely enough, you see cylindrical projections like the Mercator and Miller for wall maps even though it inflates the Arctic.But it makes sense why navigators and even Google Maps use the Mercator projections – it’s all because of the unique properties of cylinders. The globe isn’t a portable, affordable, or even satisfying way to look at the world, so these exaggerations are necessary.

If you’ve used Google, Bing, Yahoo, Open Street Maps, or Map Quest, then you’ve plotted a course using Mercator.Of course, now this meant that all the meridians now intersected at perfect 90 degree angles with the lines of latitude. However, Mercator saw that if he also proportionally increased the distance between the parallels, he could match the rate of angular distortion.Straightening and stretching the grid meant a course plotted on the map stayed true on the water.So let’s look at some of these advantages and disadvantages.But first let’s start with a 3 examples of cylindrical projection.

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