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For example: A submission on Saturday will be processed Monday morning.

If you have already completed the forms and are looking for further information on how you can have ESC handle the filing for you.

We are constantly seeing new clients who have incorporated but have never received a minute book from their lawyer (or if incorporated by their accountant, from their accountant).

If you are reading this and this sounds like your situation you are probably thinking “does it matter that i don’t have one?

Upon submission of your order, an ESC order number confirmation will display on the screen.

Once the filing is completed you will receive your filing confirmation in PDF format from [email protected]

Whether you are a large corporation, a medicine professional corporation, a dentistry professional corporation, a holding corporation or any other type of corporation in Ontario you must have a minute book.Below, we provide easy-to-follow steps for updating your Company Information and getting a current record of the Company.Follow this easy 3-step guide for updating your Ontario Corporation information.” The simple answer is yes and if you don’t have one you should be asking whoever incorporated you why not. A minute book is a bound book that contains all the pertinent documents for your corporation. It contains many documents including, certificate of incorporation, articles of amendment, articles of amalgamation, share certificates, corporate resolutions, your certificate of authorization from either the RCDSO or CPSO (If you are a dentist or doctor), shareholder agreements, rollover agreements, retainer/employment agreements, by laws….list goes on.You can imagine how difficult and time consuming this is to recreate years after you have incorporated.

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ESC strongly recommends completing the Initial Return/Notice of Change with a Data Extract to lessen the potential for discrepancies with the Company information.

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