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Alternatively pressing F9 will also update the To C because underneath the modern buttons and boxes is an old-fashioned Word field code .

Some To C templates come with a title which defaults to the word ‘Contents’. The ‘Add Text’ button on the References | Table of Contents tab might win the prize for the most misleading Office button. ‘Add Text’ lets you manually control which headings appear in the Table of Contents.

Word 2007 and later it’s under the ‘References’ tab on the ribbon.

In Word 2003 and before you’ll find it under Insert | Reference | Index and Tables | Table of Contents.

Beyond the simple Table of Contents there are a lot of extras and tricks that we’ll explain in future articles.

A table of contents can be there for ‘in house’ use while making the document, and later removed or reduced in the final version.

If you haven’t already, go through your document applying Heading styles to heading and sub-headings.

As a result, those items are automatically included in your table of contents. Click the Table of Contents button in the Table of Contents group. Select Insert Table of Contents at the bottom (this will give you more table of contents features). Your cursor will move to that location in your document. Updating a Table of Contents If you add additional text to a document and you want to update your table of contents, you have to do this manually. Under the Table of Contents group, click Update Table 6.

This is a quick method for designating points of interest throughout your document. Word does not automatically update the table of contents. Make sure all your styles are applied to the new documentation. Move to the Table of Contents in your document and click once in the table of contents.

Chances are you’ll notice some anomalies in your initial TOC – headings missing or items that should not be there.

Just go through your document, adjust the Heading styles accordingly then click ‘Update Table’. A Table of Contents does not update automatically when headings or pagination changes. The default is ‘Update Page Numbers only’ which is fine if you’ve not changed or moved any headings – only added or removed text.

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