Updating firmware on a yamaha bd s2900 Chat with live women no register

And from what I've read it's just Twilight and the BD30.So like many issues that the Bd30 has had to deal with I assume this will be rectified.Just curious, but maybe its just the Canadian version of Twilight causing problems? Last year, at the time I was buying my Yamaha receiver, they were just introducing the BD S2900.I don't own that player, but I'm always curious about problems that others are experiencing since I have a standalone in my bedroom. My Sony has been very reliable so far, but IMO the PS3 just can't be touched until you get to the very high end players. Its my back up player and had no problem using it when wanting to watch the movie (it played flawless ) https://forum.blu-ray.com/showthread.php? I took one quick look at it on Yamaha's website, but the 00 MSRP immediately scared me away!The Panasonic BD30 is the only current Blu-ray player that still absolutely refuses to play "Twilight". And from what I've read it's just Twilight and the BD30.

That way, I can get a trully high end player at a bargain price.To date it is still the only movie that doesn't play on the Yamaha. -Fast & Furious -Benjamin Button -Gran Torino -The uninvited -Zake and Miri -Defiance -the haunting in Connecticut -Valkyrie Actually i have 149 Blu-movies and Twilight is the only one.It has to be Region I just wanted to touch base with my Twilight movie problem. Here is a short list of new movies i bought that play.It says that it selects the format according to the " connected equipment" My Yam 863 says Dolby Digital, but I am not sure if I'm getting regular DD or the advanced DD True sound.I thought I'd ask you guys because you both have Yamaha receivers and seem to be familiar with them.

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