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Progress Reporting emails are either sent automatically (according to set system settings) or may be sent manually from a selected work item.

Can these progress report mails be set up just to be sent to e-mail only users? Business case: We might bring in customers to to our projects and in rare cases use sub-contractors without wanting to this to be visible to the customer.

We want to use Clarizen as a collaboration tool with out customer and for this we want for them to get access to Clarizen så they can join discussions and add issues.

I believe this is the way Clarizen is officially moving - but I am impatient.

Can I trigger this e-mail (not just an e-mail reminder) from a work flow for a specific user so they can update Clarizen from this e-mail rather than looking for the automated (setting 9.11-9.16) one they already got with all their tasks.

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