Updating a built in dresser

Then I lined the inside of the tray with painter’s tape to protect the interior mirror finish.

While the tray was now looking perfect for a little pink dresser, the old hardware on the dresser was a little less fitting.

However, my son's friend needed a place to store clothes in her family's apartment, and to really fulfill the mission of creating a girl-empowering dresser, it needed her favorite color: pink.

I got started by removing the hardware and the drawers.

Beyond just the new pink stain for the wood parts of the furniture, I have a plan to update the hardware in a girl-empowering style, too. With the parts of the furniture set out on tables, I’m ready to sand and remove the old finish.

This opens up the natural wood to receive the new color stain.

But the problem is I need to use what I have, which is pretty basic traditional style furniture and even several dark wood pieces.

Sanding takes time and creates a lot of dust, which is why I made sure to work in my backyard and work on a day when Mother Nature was smiling upon me with good weather.

If you don’t have a powered sander, sandpaper can get the job done. Even if you have an oscillating tool that helps with the flat surfaces – and some of the rounded edges – it doesn’t quite get into trim details perfectly.

I don’t want all cheap new furniture, because I do like the quality of what I have.

Some of what I have could be painted, but some of it I just like as it is and don’t want to deal with painting. So I really need inspiration on how to incorporate traditional wood furniture or antiques into a lighter fresher cottage space. I have received quite a few emails on this same topic so I hope I can help answer your question with three tips for mixing and matching what you have to get the style you want!

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A trick is to fold over sandpaper on a stir stick to get even sanding in those areas.

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