Ucla policy professors dating students

Conant concluded that Balakrishnan’s conduct “falls squarely within the definition of prohibited conduct under the University of California Policy on Sexual Harassment Policy dated February 10, 2006.”Conant also investigated complaints filed by at least three other current or former students.In one case, alum Brian Glasscock told the investigator that Balakrishnan had provided him with cocaine and alcohol when Glasscock attended a party at Balakrishnan’s home in 2009.Glasscock, who was 18 at the time, said that Balakrishnan drove him home that night while drunk and high.

18 report to Interim Title IX Officer Cherie Scricca.

As she told Buzz Feed News and school investigators, the anonymous stories motivated her to file a complaint about what happened to her.

Harlander told the university that one night after graduation in 2013, Balakrishnan was attending a party at her friend’s house next door.

As reported by Buzz Feed News in May, the professor has been accused of a wide range of inappropriate behaviors, from pushing himself onto unwilling colleagues to using cocaine with students, between 20.

In previous stories about his case, Balakrishnan has denied all wrongdoing, and his lawyers said he was a victim of an anonymous smear campaign on campus.

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University spokesperson Hernandez-Jason said, “Under our policies, parties are not precluded from hiring an investigator.

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