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The CTSPC is the version of the CTS (Straus, Hamby, Finkelhor, Moore, and Runyan 1998; Straus and Hamby 1997) for measuring maltreatment of a child by parents. However, it is possible to identify the discrepancy only if there is an instrument such as the CTS which obtains the behavioral data. The first question in the pair asks respondents to indicate how often they carried out each item in the referent period.

A study of the CTS2 in seventeen nations found similar results (Straus 2004).There are also supplementary questions on neglect, sexual abuse, and discipline in the past week. The response categories ask for the number of times each action occurred during the past year, ranging from ‘‘Never’’ to ‘‘More than 20 times.’’ The default referent period is the past twelve months, but other referent periods, such as ‘‘since starting in this program,’’ can be used.In this research paper, ‘‘CTS’’ will be used when the sentence applies to all versions of the instrument, and CTS2 and CTSPC will be used to refer to those specific versions. Measurement Strategy of the Conflict Tactics Scales A. The five CTS2 scales and examples of a minor and a severe question in each scale are: The CTS measures the behavior of both the respondent and the respondent’s partner. Sensitivity and Confounding with Social Desirability C. It deliberately excludes attitudes, emotions, and cognitive appraisal of the behaviors. The CTS consists of a list of behaviors directed toward a partner or a child.

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