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This year the ASA also offered a similar opportunity for regional writers to pitch via phone or video conference in a virtual literary speed dating event.For those who haven’t heard of literary speed dating, imagine a high school parent-teacher conference. One agent and seven publishers were seated at desks around a large room, and eighty or so hopeful authors lined up for the chance to pitch their work. We will likely have a few open appointments at the conference if we have cancellations.Sorry if you missed registering for an appointment.All are looking for fresh talent with polished manuscripts.(There is a reading / consultation fee per submission) While most participate on panels and are available by appointment at the free pitch sessions, not all participate in the Advanced Submission Masters Pro Critique™ Program.Our Masters Pro Critique™ program is a popular, cost-effective way to receive on-on-one constructive, professional feedback on your manuscript and improve your chances for publication and success.An esteemed group of veteran literary agents will appear at the BCX Writers Conference.

It was an amazing opportunity provided by the ASA, and all the publishers and agents who gave up their time. This is a 10-minute personal meeting with an agent or an editor in which you “pitch” your book project.For nonfiction writers, a pitch session is an oral proposal in which you lay out the basic idea of your project and its structure in the hopes of piquing the agent’s interest. (We throw away anything home made that arrives in the office if it's sent from someone we don't know, too.) There are no photos of the chocolate (quelle surprise! The swag item I both loved and hated had clever origami style packaging: no tape.BUT, the less than immediate benefit of speed dating is I have several new writers on my radar now.

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