South korean dating customs

Baffled and attempting to explain to them that I was too young for a spouse and also just moved to South Korea by myself, their next question was “Do you have a girlfriend?

” to which I replied (obviously) no and they all kind of laughed and giggled and then asked “Why?!

When a friend of yours tells you they ‘just want to have a boyfriend’ back home, the initial instinct is to wince and say “you can’t force that sort of thing,” but here… Now, you’re going to need to get out your calendars for this next part.

Firstly, if you are a woman in South Korea, February 14th is important for you.

In other words, how much effort you put into your image declares to that other person how much you value them.I’ve been told from multiple sources that it is common for your friends to find you a new girlfriend or boyfriend the day after your break-up.Because I mean, c’mon, who needs to heal their wounds! All of these notions add up to one clear truth about the couple culture here – it is very superficial.Surprisingly, though, when it comes to relationships, I’ve always felt a bit uncomfortable with our conversations. men see pretty as a personality.” She said, her and my other co-teacher laughing in unison at the truth of the matter.“But what if someone is pretty but a terrible person!? ” I asked, somewhat startled by the admittance of the superficiality.“If the woman is pretty, the man will make it work.” My other co-teacher said and her colleague announced, “Yeah, that’s right.” After some awkwardness we cleared the air with “Anyways, it’s different here.”Yeah. I have thought long and hard about that conversation, trying to understand why anyone would be so complacent about the fact that their husband may have chosen them for looks instead of their inner selves, but I’m always brought back to the ideas from discovering the motives behind the plastic surgery craze here – looks are important because they are not ashamed to admit that that is how they choose to judge one another.

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Koreans love hearing about people being in relationships, and they love being in them too (for the most part).

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