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Try to break it, like seeing if the character will walk through walls or get stuck… *** end nerd talk, begin informal barks *** still hyped about this game. I may want to retype that but there’s NO TIME GOTTA KEEP MOVING So far as the most common question I’m seeing: House of Tail is still in development. don’t want to build up expectations, but i think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. This is a great way to bring tons of visitors to your site or My Space.V-Day Sim Date is an arcade game on which you try to get a girl to have a date on Valentine’s Day.

This fixed many of the bugs and spelling errors and was deemed '100% Bug Free'.A Save Feature and a couple of extra pieces of art were added to round off the update, however, it appears to have been unnoticed by many and some believe there are still bugs due to thinking the game is 'too hard', despite views by others (including the creator) that it is one of the easier Sims he has ever played.Tempy's game 'Paradise Hotel', released on Pay site 'Ero-Mania' in november 2009, is seen as a example of what MSDS 2 might be, as it is another Sim game, however, it follows a much different style. As of Februray 2010, Tempy has revealed that MSDS 2, the much asked for sequel, will probably NOT be made due to many 'stolen' copies of the game, posted on other sites (sometimes on sites which profit from it) and lack of interest given to him, despite interest shown on some of the sites that have stolen it.To win someone over, you will have to make all the right choices and probably face a few other challenges along the way.You are waling around the street and see two girls.

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You may notice screen tearing anyway (horizontal line where the screen updates are not sync-ing) as making sure this never happens costs too much processor framerate, so it’ll be our little secret ‘feature’ between us.

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