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“Be authentic; tell her that you want to see her.”Jim helped me to see that I had developed a deep wound of rejection.

I certainly experienced my share of dating failures and rejections. I admitted that dating was a struggle, but I kept trying.And kids’ questions were a good way to break the ice. Before I left, I asked Christine if she would like to go out to dinner Saturday night. Sometimes it starts to strategize and calculate the next move for them. In college, my Spring Formal date cancelled at the last minute with some lame excuse.So, I sat on a lounge chair, pulled off my shirt with my toes, and jumped into the pool. In my early 20s, a young lady stood me up and left me standing in a restaurant parking lot for over an hour.He is a disability coach and the author of What’s Your Excuse?Making the Most of What You Have, which has been translated into Spanish and is available via his Web site (

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