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And there the issue might have rested if Aubrey had not made her incendiary statements at her tribunal.

There was no reply on Thursday at their £300,000 home, which boasts a clear view of Bamburgh Castle, a medieval fortress that has appeared in a string of Hollywood movies, including Ivanhoe starring Elizabeth Taylor.

There she also alleges that an assistant chief constable was having a dalliance with the chief’s secretary which involved “groin stroking” at work and messages mentioning “nipples with tassels” and – more mysteriously – “hula hoops”.

In the Carry On environment of Northumbria Police HQ the chief constable even had to have “a quiet word” with a superintendent who is said to have coerced a member of staff into performing a sex act on him. Except this is exactly what is said to have happened after the alleged affair between the chief constable of Northumbria Police Mike Craik and his assistant chief constable Carolyn Peacock was rumbled by her husband Jim.

Her husband is a chief superintendent in the same force and when he discovers what his wife has been up to he storms round to the boss’s house.

The randy copper is hosting a barbecue with his own wife at the time but that does not stop the chief super giving him a wallop. Desperate to avoid public exposure of the love triangle and its embarrassing fall-out, the top man orders that all details of the incident be removed from the police log.

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