Sedating dogs for car travel

Be sure to stock up on heartworm preventative, flea and tick control, and any other prescriptions your pet needs while you're away.This is a good time to get an up-to-date copy of your dog's health records to take along on your trip.Don't forget to pack the necessities (see box), including your dog's own food, treats, and possibly water from home as a safeguard against tummy troubles.If you'll be on the road for a while, check out for restaurants, activities, and lodging that allow dogs.Your next step should be to schedule a visit to the veterinarian.

Restrictions apply here too, and many airlines will not accept dogs whose combined weight with the carrier or crate exceeds 100 pounds. Let's face it: going by car can be a lot less stressful and a good deal cheaper than flying for all concerned.

Most dogs are used to traveling in cars and may even associate it with fun experiences, like trips to the park.

To ensure your dog's safety while riding, consider purchasing an appropriately-sized doggie seatbelt or restraint harness.

Plan well ahead and be prepared to do a good deal of research and comparison shopping before you book the flight.

Rules, restrictions, and fees can vary dramatically depending on the air carrier, your destination, and the time of year.

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These will be required should your pet become ill and have to visit a veterinarian while away from home.

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