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For example, Secular Humanists have promoted the idea of “separation of church and state.” This has been the battle-cry for removing the Ten Commandments from public view, whether in a courtroom on the lawn of a state capitol.

The result has been that any and all vestiges of a Biblical view are systemically being erased from our national consciousness.

Since SH is a religious faith an atheist cannot “prove” God does not exist, therefore, atheism is an assumption, i.e., a faith position — then people are free to embrace it.

From that perspective, belief in atheism cannot be “stopped.”On the other hand, the Untied States were originally founded on a different set of beliefs, including the assumption that God exists.

Then, all scientific observations are straight-jacketed into this philosophical constraint.

If another philosophical starting point is offered, such as the idea that an Intelligent Designer might be involved in the origin of life, the scientific evidence supporting this idea is fought tooth and nail from being presented in the classroom.

Secular Humanists claim to be moral individuals who have good intentions. To illustrate, the intention of the “Great Society” was to eradicate poverty in the U.But in almost no case is a biblical Christian view presented, except for the occasional Christian professor or teacher who is willing to present how a biblical view relates to his subject. The same evaluation could be detailed for each of the other areas mentioned above.The bottom line is that SH does have an influence in the U. It depends on what you mean by “stopped.” Citizens of the United States are free to believe any religious preference of their choosing.For example, the biological sciences are taught with an assumption of naturalism, which is the acknowledged starting point for evolution.Therefore, the theory of evolution from “amoeba to man” is not a scientific theory so much as it is a philosophical belief that only nature exists.

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The Humanist Manifestos of 1933, 1973, and 2000 explain the details of their beliefs.

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