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We performed an extensive search in English language, using Psychinfo, Pub Med and Embase in November 2013.Construction of search term combinations was not straightforward as there are no specific indexing terms to target online dating.A further 32 were identified from citation searches and reference lists.We wanted to focus on conversion to face-to-face meetings as the outcome measure as moving merely from online registration to computer-mediated communication lacks the experiential richness2 without which there can be no progress in courtship.Discuss what happened on Episode 01 - "The British Are Coming" without future spoilers!

Online communication was most effective in leading to an in-person meeting if there were: a genuine interest; a rapid turnaround; reciprocity in self-disclosure; mimicry of body movements on the webcam; avoidance of criticism; humour; uncertainty about whether there was likeability; and an early move from electronic chat to a date.Initial interest was best captured through: a desirable screen name starting with a letter in the top half of the alphabet; an attractive still picture; and a fluent headline message.For those attracted to browse into the profile, a description of personal traits increased likeability when it: showed who the dater was and what they were looking for in a ratio; stayed close to reality; and employed simple language with humour added.Studies did not directly address the question of how online dating contributed towards a lasting partnership.Instead, they focused on individual steps, for example, what features in a screen name or photo increase likeability in the pathway leading to a date.

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  3. Thus, I recommend you avoid taking your conversation to another platform unless you feel like you can really trust this person after engaging with a conversation with them for awhile, not immediately.