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From left to right, the members of the band were Josselyne Jones, Kimberly Blake, Renee Veneziale, Johnna Lee Cummings, and Ruth Ann Roberts.

Mind you, it ended up being their ONLY Top 20 hit, but nevertheless, it was a great feat.

Remember when The Four Seasons scored a hit in 1975 with the song “December 1963 (Oh What A Night)”?

The remixed version that was released almost 20 years later managed to stay on the Billboard charts for over a year!

The original version of Madonna's “Express Yourself”, which was produced by Stephen Bray was excellent, filled with brass horns, and was a throwback to 1970s soul music.

But, I also found Shep Pettibone's remix to be just as unique, and just as powerful as the original.

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