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The first selection criterion was simple, I had to know about the book. 128 A father spanks his 9 year old daughter, he takes down her pants so as to use humiliation more than pain.

In the majority of cases this meant that RB, PS, RA, SL, or one of the other CF irregulars had found the book and informed me of its contents. It happens all the time, the Victorian hero takes pity on a street boy and takes him into his home.

Ah, the days spent in libraries and at newsstands, looking for books that contained spankings.

And every once in a while finding one, or better, finding an author such as Delderfield who put a spanking into almost every book. Listed here are hundreds of books with spanking scenes in them, along with, in most cases, enough information that you can find them if you make the effort and enough information so you can determine if you want to make the effort.

11 A mother tells her children of how she was spanked by her mother. 40 The narrator recalls when his mother spanked him.

22 A woman tells about the beltings her father used to give her.

(h) Churchill, Winston, MY EARLY LIFE, Odhams Press, 1959.

But I am obsessed with spanking and I can and did find redeeming social value in almost every spanking reference I came across. 28: Ashley Beaumont’s friend Lori teases her about the time when she was twelve and Dane Carmichael had spanked her quite soundly. 43: Dane calls her the Beaumont brat and she retorts about him chastising twelve-year-olds. Allyne, Kerry, THE WOOL KING, Harlequin #2205, 1978. 128 This heroine gets spanked on her jeans by her guardian. Brutal descriptions of punishment in a Spanish reform school. (p)Andrew, Prudence, A SPARKLE FROM THE COAL, Putnam, 1965. 70 A boy is switched by his father (h) Andrew, Prudence, CONSTANT STAR, 1964. 178 A young lady gets pregnant, her father takes her out to beat her with a rope, she strips down and lies on a table in preparation for her beating, but her father doesn’t go through with it. 132-3 A man spanks his fiance to remind her he will be in charge when they get married. (p) Arlen, Leslie, LOVE AND HONOR, Jove Book, 1980. 135-140 A new Russian wife discovers that her husband intends to cane her. Arnow, Harriet Simpson, OLD BURNSIDE, University Press of Kentucky, 1977. 107 A boy is paddled in class for missing spelling words. 38 A fifteen year old girl is caught in serious misbehavior by her father and is beaten naked with a stick in front of assembled onlookers.

35 A servant girl gets spanked by her employer with her dress up and her panties down. (h) Carey, Joyce, CHARLEY IS MY DARLING, Harper and Brothers. 99-104 A group of children discuss how they are punished. 129 He turns the girl over his knee, lifts her skirts and spanks her over her pantaloons. A punishment a peasant gives a 15 year old boy, which cannot be avoided, and Don Quixote’s attempt to save him. Chekhov, Anton, THE PORTABLE CHEKHOV, Penguin, 1977. 326-7 The short story, “Peasants” includes a switching. (h) Coffman, Elaine, MY ENEMY, MY LOVE, Dell, 1988. 82 Uncle and hero discuss a girl’s need of a spanking. 130-1 The girl is publically spanked with her skirts and petticoats up for shooting the hero’s hat.

44 Author recalls her mother spanking her when she was 7 in front of her brother with a hairbrush. 131 Her sister throws a tantrum and is spanked by a man. 348-9 Hero uses a length of bamboo on the heroine’s naked backside. 373 A man gives his fiancee a long overdue spanking.

141-3 After he pulls her over his knees and rips down her panties “she sensed what I was going to do”. This Mensa candidate gets a hard spanking but admits later she had it coming. A woman recalls how her father had spanked her with a stick when he found out about her first sexual experience. (h) pp.203: Chastity was started to being subjected to whippings so she would marry. pp.211: A man hopes her father whips her thoroughly. 293-4: Betsy whips a woman named Freelove on her bare bottom, etc., using broom, at the woman’s insistence. (p) Blair, Leona, A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE, Bantam, 1989. 81 A father gives each of his daughters three strokes with a riding crop. Aaron Hunter, once a member of the Maxwell gang, is now a lawman. 95 He feels her up, she slaps him, he spanks her, they decide to make love. (p) Brown, Carter, LONG TIME NO LEOLA, Signet, 1967. 123 His lover insults him, so he spanks her and makes love to her. A waitress gets her bare bottom spanked pink because she spills wine on a customer. When she fights back, they hold her down and take turns spanking her. 34-5 A Roman commander spanks the bare bottom of a noble woman in front of the men of his regiment because she deserted her father in his time of need. 283-8 A woman punches her husband, who, reasonably, puts her over his knee and raises her gown for a spanking. 22-3 A girl gets on a dangerous horse, after Brett rescues her, he spanks her. Butler, Francelia, THE LUCKY PIECE, Van Koctor, 1984. 102-3 A small boy is beaten because he cannot pronounce a word correctly. 224-6 A man takes his wife upstairs, lifts and pins her nightgown, so her hands are trapped, puts her over a leather horse of his own device, and birches her twelve times. 177 Mildred is upset by the airs her teenage daughter is putting on, so she turns her over her knee, pulls up her kimono, pulls down her pants, and spanks her. (p) Calder, Willingham, END AS A MAN, Originally published by Dell, 1947. She whacks the man once with a hairbrush and then spanks her sister with the hairbrush and later takes a couple of shots at the man.

141-3 After he pulls her over his knees and rips down her panties “she sensed what I was going to do”. 12-3 Catherine is whipped, first over her clothes, then on her bare back and buttocks. (h) Berry, Chuck, THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY, Harmony Books, 1987. 178-83 A girl is caned for not answering a priest’s questions. 191 A number of girls are lined up and each given 15 strokes with the cane. 57 Heroine is in jail, she is sexually assaulted by two other inmates. 318-9 A man gives a woman the choice of making love or getting a spanking, she takes the spanking. (h) Butler, Samuel, THE WAY OF ALL FLESH, Doubleday, 1944 pp. Caldwell, Erskine, GOD’S LITTLE ACRE, Modern Library, 1933. 82-90 A woman finds her sister in bed with her man.

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In the escape she tries to explain the stiffness in her legs to her lover. (p) pp 53: Mentions the time old Sam must spank his young servant girl, Betsy’s, bare buttocks for disobedience. He proceeds to give her a hard, long and well deserved spanking. 317: In a verbal fight between two other women, one threatens the other that a third woman will take a stick to her “skinny little behind.” (p) Bonds, Parris A. Our hero takes a conveniently located whip and uses it on her. He threatens and she believes that he can and will do it again if she tries any of her tricks to get away. 255: Aaron tells Maxie about he himself getting spanked almost once a week as a child. 119 A woman tells about seeing a man and two women stripped and whipped by Cossacks. 209 A school is described where men can go and spank little girls. 301-4 A baroness cheats at cards, as a punishment she is stripped and whipped on the buttocks. (h) Brodkey, Harold, THW WORLD IS THE HOME OF LOVE AND DEATH, Holt, 1997. 110 A girl spanks a boy’s bare bottom as, supposed, part of play. pp 73-4 A boyfriend spanks a girl over her see through panties until he can see the red through them.

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