Radiocarbon dating pollen

Teleconnection of climatic events between East Asia and polar, high latitude areas during the last deglaciation.

Is There a Time-Transgressive Holocene Optimum in the East Asian Monsoon Area?

Pollen extracted from ocean and wetland sediments cored from the eastern Canadian Margin, James Bay region, and Atlantic provinces of Canada have been radiocarbon dated and results are reported here.

Pollen dates from ocean sediments were compared with marine carbonate (mollusk shells or foraminifera) dates from the same core levels, dates for which validity was assessed via correlations with other cores, and for which reworking has been excluded.

Pollen samples from 3 tidal wetlands were taken from levels dated with 137Cs and 210Pb profiles.

Pollen dates from 2 additional wetlands were compared with 14C dates of botanical macrofossils.

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