Pros and cons of dating an only child

Instead of being in and out of the baby phase for 10 years, having them close together shortens the time.This may be a con to some, but it was a pro for me.They are still used to being at home, there isn’t endless school runs and extra-curricular activities that get disrupted with a new baby.A few intense years are spent revolving around the home, but when that phase is over, it’s over for good.

Having babies close together in age means that for a long time, all children are still napping.Read: How to meet everyone’s needs (when there are a lot of kids) throughout the day Really they want to say you are stupid, but they do have some filter.This may be because they had particularly difficult babies. Know this is my opinion and, I hope, helpful to other women. My pro might be your con and your con might be my pro.

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