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You can also select the entry [create a new project] if you would like to add a new Firebase project to your account: The next question you’re being asked is “Do you want to install dependencies with npm now? As we would like to add all necessary dependencies you need to say “Y” here or simply hit return as “Y” is the default setting.Now you should be able to see something similar to Here the Response object is used to send a text string back to the browser, so that the user gets a response and is able to see that the Cloud Function is working.The Cloud Functions for Firebase SDK exports a If you don't have a project enabled for Cloud Functions for Firebase yet, then read Get Started: Write and Deploy Your First Functions to configure and set up your Cloud Functions for Firebase project.

These triggers can be invoked through an HTTP request and can be registered by using object can be used to send a response to back to the client.

The second Cloud Function makes use of the Realtime Database Trigger and is listing to changes written to the database by the first function. if the URL is accessed and the URL parameter text is set to string “My text string” a new node ID is added as a subnode to /test and text property is inserted as a child element like you can see in the following: The call of the push method is returning a promise, so that we can use the then method to execute code after the promise has been resolved (the database operation has been performed).

Inside this function we’re reading out the inserted string value, convert it to uppercase and write it back to the database. In this case we’re using the Response object to call the Firebase Cloud Functions are a powerful tool.

Just copy and paste the URL into the browser and you should see the following output: Let’s implement another example which uses two Firebase Cloud Functions.

The first function makes use of the HTTP trigger and takes a string via URL parameter and inserts that string into the Firebase Realtime Database.

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