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The Adobe Flash Player browser plugin lets you view video and animated content in Firefox.This article has information about testing, installing, updating, uninstalling and troubleshooting the Adobe Flash plugin.If you still need Flash to run, give the three tricks listed above a chance.Lillian, a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), is a technology enthusiast, longing to share the technical tips and solutions for computing.So, as per this, Flash Player should be updated automatically during the Chrome System Updates. And you still find the Flash Player version to be older. You’re working online using Google Chrome, when suddenly a page that you need pops up an error message saying the (Flash) plugin cannot be loaded. When Flash is not working correctly, there are a bunch of problems you can encounter.

So there you have it – the six effective solutions to fix Flash Player not working on Chrome.

That may work in the short term, but you may still have the underlying problem with the plugin. For example, the Flash plugin helps load web pages with videos or other flash content.

Plugins help render web pages or provide specific functionalities on the page.

Flash player version is now, and it still works. Interestingly though, this disables the feature but it is still displayed on the "Network and PC Tools" tab, and if clicked on, will install that feature. Some observations: ⦁ The web site will not allow their version of flash player to be downloaded to a Windows 10 pc. Discussion with Microsoft, Mc Afee, and Dell support leaves me with the impression that while all say they are "investigating" this issue, none seem willing to take on the responsibility of fixing it regardless of how easy it was to recreate the problem.

⦁ Mc Afee's vulnerability scanner seems to have found a way to do just that, corrupting the Windows 10 version of the flash player in the process.

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