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Many have often suggested that I should think about uploading more sketches and unfinished work, something which I've always been reluctant to do because I prefer to preserve the impact of the finished project without any previous exposure.

Y'know, the way us pawsluts do every day of the year!And I can't deny that I'm just not as strongly into the fandom as I was when I was younger.When it really comes down to it, I still don't quite know where furry truly fits into the kind of life I want long-term. A couple of things I should mention: I haven't yet had opportunity to update my website due to some technical issues (hence the chats with Dinosorceror).Turning 30 didn't help - I know it's not like I'm 75, but you go through those moments where you contemplate where you thought you'd be by a particular milestone, and I've fallen far short of my past expectations.Put simply, I think I've gone through a mixture of depression and anxiety. For starters, I finally found a new job which I'll be starting after Christmas. At the same time I was going through the process of securing that job, I started feeling a bit more enthusiasm for my hobbies again, one of which was my drawing.

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Since my re-emergence on Twitter, I've had a lot of people asking me if I'm on Telegram or Discord.

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