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has finally finished after eight weeks of non-stop excitement, we're not surprised if you feel like a huge void has suddenly opened up in your life.So, if you're looking for other shows to watch to get your dating drama fix, then look no further.Though identifying privately as gender-fluid their entire life, it was three years ago they shared it publicly. ABC Family's new "Perfect Match: New York" reality dating show will premiere on Sunday, July 27 (8 9 PM ET/PT.) Based on the hit British series of the same name, the program allows friends and relatives to pick the perfect match for a single looking for love.But in its eighth season, the series has rebranded for the more inclusive "Are You the One?

The New Yorker, who identifies as nonbinary (preferred pronouns: they/them), is a part of the pioneering cast.Whether it be their inability to master monogamy or a deep-rooted fear of commitment, an in-house relationship coach helps guide the group past their insecurities and into the arms of "the one." And while the reality dating show's exposure can serve as a learning platform for those unfamiliar with what it means to be sexually fluid, Shittu says the cast's hope is more to show the world the LGBTQ community is "at the core, the same" as anyone else. We're human beings who want to feel loved and respected.Hopefully, there can be more sexually fluid representation to come from this." The series doesn't sugarcoat the LGBTQ dating experience to get across a message.16 QUEER people on a dating show trying to find love on an island??It’s never been done, it’s revolutionary, and it’s biggo entertaining.

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