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In Chicago and New York, the age differences between men and the women they messaged were two to three times larger within the oldest submarket than within the youngest.The authors say this is consistent with previous findings that men’s preferences for their partners become more solidified over time, so as they get older, they may choose a larger age gap than before.However, we know little about the structure of these romantic markets in part for lack of appropriately detailed data.The advent and vigorous growth of the online dating industry in the last two decades provides a new source of data about courtship interactions on an unprecedented scale.” Unsurprisingly, men are more likely to initiate online contact, sending more than 80 percent of initial messages to potential partners.

White men tended to message younger black women compared to the white women they interacted with.

In Chicago’s oldest age cohort, white men corresponded with black women who were eight years younger than the white women they messaged.

Online dating may have opened up a world of choices, but the lion’s share of interactions remain local.

Interestingly, the younger age cohorts had higher ratios of men to women, but those ratios tilted the other way as age increased (something I found in my own analysis of the demography of singles).

This is likely because women marry or find partners younger.

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