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If you were aware, then pay the bill and skip the dispute.

You still need to do the other steps outlined here. In the case of fraudulent charges online, this is all that is required.

(Ctrl D or click the star in the address bar.) At a minimum, the scam web sites make the charges hard to find.

In most cases, the trial period and associated charges are purposefully hidden – the site uses program code to hide them.

There is an example narrative, and letter at the end of this page.

Here is a link to the Credit Card Fraud Customer Service Numbers for the top 18 credit card issuers in the U. You can just click on your bank’s number and be connected. Remember that if you have subscriptions or recurring billing to your card from other merchants, you will need to visit each merchant and change the card number.

The US Fair Credit Billing Act limits your liability to .

If not, pay the balance, close the card, and find a new bank. The fact that a foreign company has your credit card means you are at risk of Identity Theft.

Remember, we do not really know who has your financial information.

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This is the first step in getting as many qualified connections as possible.

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