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When I took on my first Obstacle Course Race I didn’t think much past the actual event.

I imagined what obstacles I would be doing, how hard I would find it, what I would enjoy or possibly hate. I thought about all of that a lot, probably too much.

She truly pushes herself at every event, and is not afraid to decide the night before to make the trek to an event.

Next up in my Badass Women of OCR article series, meet Jah Lisa James.

With the right care mine grew back as good as new, but others are not so lucky. I watched these incredible people take on races with smiles and cheeky winks.

OCR is both incredibly tight knit, yet welcoming, and it’s not a facade.

Maybe there’s something in the mud, or the struggle, but we’re all in it together.

I was wearing new shoes which although broken in and felt comfy, actually weren’t. That feeling never goes away, whether you’re winning, or in fact had a pretty rubbish performance.

For the first and only time in my racing life I was finding cold water to cool my throbbing feet in, and only a few short weeks later, I was minus nails on my big toes. Just like any obstacle course race, it’s the rough with the smooth, but we all know, that struggle makes the good times even better. When you’ve pushed yourself and worked as hard as you can, the sense of accomplishment as you cross the line is the best high I know.

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