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Create a handler for the Object Data Source Updated event in your codebehind.One of the parameters to this handler is of type Object Data Source Status Event Args.The `Update Employee Info` method is not completely implemented, so you will not insert data into the Northwind Traders database when you experiment with this example.I want to initialise my object to load all the old values from the object (rather than a blank object as Object Data Source defaults to). At present I have a kludge to get the data from the Details View control directly - is this the right method? I use an object Data Store to insert the records from a form.But when inserting into the database, I might get an error. But how do I return some data back into the aspx file?I'd like to use the Output Parameters to return the fields that the first user updated and caused the concurrency check to fail so I can highlight the changed fields for the second user. I've found a couple of examples on the web, but none that use the Data Object Type Name so I'm not sure what to do. I tried adding an updateparameter and adding that property to my Test.

When this happens, I would like the row that was being updated to remain in the edit mode.

When the In this example, the `Update Employee Info` method is used to perform an insert; however, it requires a `Northwind Employee` parameter to insert the data.

For this reason, the collection of strings that the The following code example provides an example middle-tier business object that the preceding code example uses.

The Update Method of the ods is a function that returns an integer and I can get the integer value from the Object Data Source Status Event Args in the ods Form_updated event in my code-beside page.

But what about the Output Parameters of the Object Data Source Status Event Args?

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This is because my Details View will not have all the fields in it (and I don't want to hide them all in Data Key Names). It would only work if the primary key wasn't part of the amended fields. Object Data Source Event Args) _ Handles Object Data Source2.

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