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I don't really do that anymore, so I'll once again say that google is your for your HOSTS file and rename it with any extension (such as or even rename the file OLDHOSTS) as it is quite likely that this is all that is preventing your accessing the sites assuming you can access other sites on the web.

The HOSTS file can be located in the following location windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts assuming that your Windows directory is named Windows and not Winnt or something similar.

Now, disconnect your system from the Internet, and do not reconnect it again until you have formatted, installed SP3, and have an anti-virus and firewall up and running.

That's why you put all that stuff onto a CD earlier.

Then you can set about IMMEDIATELY downloading the latest security updates from Windows Update. After you've done all that, you can start loading on your usual assortment of programs.

I'm also going to include my list of things to do and not do in order to avoid problems like this in the future.

Be sure to go to some other system and burn a CD with any updated drivers, an AV program installer, the offline installer for SP3, and a firewall program if you don't want to use XP's.I\u0027ve deleted AVG and Trend\u0027s, they did the same. Before the infection, this was not a problem, all updates were automatic.Also, there are certain sites that I am completely blocked from, including any site that involves an antivirus.I am currently running Norton and Super Antispyware and I can\u0027t update either.I have a connection, but everytime I hit update, the error messages say no connection found.

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TIPS FOR A SMOOTH RUNNING SYSTEM================================The more of these suggestions you follow, the fewer problems you should have.

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