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," referencing both Ryu’s classic game over screen quote (you must defeat my dragon punch to stand a chance) and beardy Ryu’s butt.Which is, naturally, as Beyonce once said, , the things that players get up to can become memes in their own right.Naked War is an absolutely fabulous game - the best fun I've had on a PC in ages." poppichicken (World of Stuart forums) "It's the online aspect that really nails it, playing against Dotterel at 1AM while we trade insults and tears on MSN is absolute magic.

It's a very well-produced / compelling little game.

" GA101 (Blitz Community forums) "I really am surprised by Naked War, it really is addictive, but what I am most surprised at is the fact that you two did it! " PSU (Zee-3 forums) "I am really enjoying it though... " Armitage Shanks (Chaos Engine forum) "I'm pretty much bored of videogames right now.

Haven't touched the Xbox in tiiiime yet I'm playing Naked War quite a bit.

While he struggles to be romantic in the traditional sense, he does get shy around the protagonist and talks about wishing he could woo them in a more traditional way.

More often than not, his flirting consists of jokes and athletic offers.

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There’s always space to resurrect such a classic, though, when it’s used right.

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