Myspace dating copy and paste quiz

No longer do we feel the need to trawl through for hours on end to find the right background, or literally learn advanced HTML in order to have the 'coolest' layout (note: flashing graphics are not fun, they're an assault to the human eye).

No longer do we have lengthy About Me sections with profound song lyrics and erratically clashing fonts, or eight top friends, ranked specifically in order of how 'close' you were that week. It's been 10 years since we were officially and tragically addicted to My Space.

With these HTML codes, the hard work has already been done for you.

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it was just your top 8 friends in the order they signed up for Myspace. I'll never forget getting a phone call from a friend telling me that I'm being removed from his top 8 - not because we weren't friends it's just someone else really cared about being in his top 8 and he knew I wouldn't care. When they made the max amount of top friends go from 8 to 12 (or 4 to 8, can't remember), that was huge drama.

Since I was an early adopter, I was always in everyone's top 8 right next to Tom Anderson. All of a sudden you have the pressure to add 4 more people to your top friends, but do you really want to because that's a huge commitment, but oh shit Ashley added me to her top 12 so now maybe I should but she isn't good enough for my top 8 which means I need to find 3 more people and make it a top 12 fuck fuck fuck.

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