Mr l rx dating to relating review

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And their personality types combine with their physical types to create ugly women with great personalities, ugly women with rotten personalities, ugly women with mediocre personalities, mediocre looking women with great personalities, mediocre looking women with mediocre personalities, etc.

all the way up to probably every man's ideal of a great looking women with a great personality.

Dating is basically a time (or at least should be a time) when a person meets lots of people and formulates opinions and ideas about what kind of partner one gets along with best, is most productive with, and enhances or completes one's own abilities.

In order to do this, usually you have to meet a variety of people and see how it goes.

During that year of intense dating, however, I learned more about women and understanding of women than I had ever learned previously in my whole life.

So I came out of my year of 700 dates with the ability to be friends with a woman whose personality I liked without thinking or acting sexual around her.

And with the ability to say "no" to a beautiful woman with a rotten or even mediocre personality.

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Sure, I knew how to pick up a woman and get sex, but that doesn't really take a lot of understanding.

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