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My hair was a blonde bob which I had no intension of brushing, and I had never touched makeup in my life.

My biggest interests were my friends, Pokemon, reading, and a slightly unhealthy obsession with dog breeds.

You know as well as I do that people change, and our views on more than just this elusive concept of “dating” will change with us.

Does “dating” mean that you and the other person are exclusive?

Then I avoided her at school for the next week because she wanted a hug, and I didn't want anyone to see me giving her a hug because I didn't want them to get any ideas that we were dating.

He called me on Sunday to break up with me because his other girlfriend found out.tl;dr I was a special ed side chick in 8th grade I "asked out" my 7th grade crush over AIM and she said yes.

I’ve only technically gone out with two guys, including my current boyfriend.

The girls in my class proudly asked boys out and were asked out on dates themselves. I even asked the class once why anyone would date right now.I was more interested in having a boyfriend than my actual “boyfriend.” I was intrigued by this dating thing everyone was talking about, but my boyfriend himself?I found myself getting sick at the thought of seeing him. All I wanted at age 14 was pretty much the same things I wanted when I was 12; I wanted to watch Lord of the Rings with my friends, not him. I proceeded to ignore my “boyfriend” until he broke up with me over AIM.“I don’t get it,” I said, “What’s so exciting about it?”I soon changed my animosity towards dating, but it was probably due more peer-pressure than a real desire to date.

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I still wanted to play dress up (we called them fashion shows instead) and talk about the possibilities of boys, but not actually “be” with any boys. In high school, I went on a date with one of my good guy friends.

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