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Unlike most A-listed star, Jenna didn’t keep her breakup with the actor a secret instead she went on to confront it during a star-studded event where a videographer asked her if the duo is still together.It was sweet and matured of the actress to reveal the truth and handle it calmly just like she did after the news of her romantic affair with the actor made waves around every news magazine and tabloid.But soon after his parents took a job to provide enough for the family, he stopped studying the native lingo.

Mexican on both of his parent’s side, the actor no doubt has succeeded the physical traits from the country with radiant skin complexion.As a kid, the actor was raised bilingual but lost his mother tongue – Spanish, after his mom employed an English-speaking babysitter.Though Trevino still understands Spanish, he is only able to put together a few words and is not particularly fluent in the language.In recent years, the hunk is seen playing the role of Kyle Valenti in the television series, .Here is a look at Michael Trevino’s life beyond what he portrays in his many acts.

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