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Jun's date was said to be very pretty as well so it is highly possible that both of them are in the industry too.When questioning Rina's agency, they commented, "She was doing a location shoot for Vi Vi in Izu and Shimoda (in Shizuoka) at 7pm.Nakamaru commented that he has tried to squeeze everything he wants to try into the performances, which are scheduled to run for about 90 minutes each.Segments include song, dance, beatboxing, and skits."Nakamaru-kun no Tanoshii Jikan" will first run at The Globe Tokyo from 10th August till 24th August 2008.Both agencies commented that it was a private matter and had no comment. She has strangely commented that "no, she has never heard of her son and Koda Kumi dating, not even once." She had only met Koda Kumi serveral times during SMAP concerts, and that the meetings were really rare.

He will be producing his own 90-minute show called "Nakamaru-kun no Tanoshii Jikan".

Josei Seven had reported a similar story saying they were together at an inn in Hakone several weeks back.

Looks like these two are still going strong and loving.

And it was confirmed she was in Shimoda until about 8 - 9pm and arrived at Tokyo only after midnight.

If she was out with Kamenashi it would be okay (not bad for her image), we would not mind but it was someone else.

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