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Ryan Key recorded a song entitled "Stop Right There" with Hollywood-based pop-punk band Assemble the Skyline.

The track was released on January 7, 2011 with Assemble the Skyline's new EP "Right Here. He also worked with Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas, contributing vocals on his song "Gotta Get it Now".

He is currently the owner/operator of a recording studio in Franklin, Tennessee, called The Lone Tree Recordings.

He is currently touring and writing music under his full name, William Ryan Key, as a solo acoustic act.

He was featured in the songs Shadow of the Day and the U2 song With or Without You.

In October 2017, Key announced that he would produce a new Like Torches record in his newly built Lone Tree Recordings Studio.

In 2005 Parsons went with the other band members to Los Angeles while Key and Mosely moved to New York City to create new material for their next album. The title track, "Lights and Sounds", was the first single, released a week before the album. On October 16, 2006, the band re-entered the studio to begin pre-production on their next album. The band stated the reason why they went on hiatus was to focus on their personal lives for the time.

William Ryan Key (born December 17, 1979) is an American rock musician.

He is best known as the former lead singer, songwriter, and rhythm guitarist of the former pop punk band Yellowcard.

The album Lights and Sounds was released in January 2006, unlike their last album Ocean Avenue, Lights and Sounds broke away from the band's pop punk sound to a more alternative rock album. During the Yellowcard hiatus Ryan also started singing in a side project entitled "Big If" with singer Sean O'Donnell of Reeve Oliver.

Big If has released several songs on their My Space page, but have not yet released a record. Although they have never officially announced their break-up, all members of the band are now in Yellowcard and the band's Twitter and My Space pages have been removed.

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