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“If for some reason Westin was to quit, we would just keep soldiering on and making more Spinal Tap jokes.” The Thermals ultimately signed a one-record licensing deal with Portland’s Kill Rock Stars label, while maintaining ownership of the master recordings.

Though Harris is looking forward to eating his mom’s home cooking, drinking iced tea on the patio and shopping at Streetlight, his heart is firmly in Portland.

“You see how the audience responds — it’s so amazing.

(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images) When last we heard from the Thermals, they were railing against the political establishment with “The Body, the Blood, the Machine,” a scathing allegory about, in the words of singer-guitarist Hutch Harris, “a fascist Christian government ruling the U. with an iron fist and going to war with the world.” These days, they have a new message: “Oh-way-oh, a-whoa-oh.” On “Now We Can See,” the fourth studio album from the Portland, Ore., indie-rock band led by San Jose natives Harris and Kathy Foster, the Thermals achieve new levels of pop accessibility and sonic clarity — albeit in a concept album about death.Early this millennium, the two musicians, at the time a couple, moved to Portland and formed a new band.The first Thermals CD, 2003’s “More Parts Per Million,” was a defiantly lo-fi affair, recorded on cassette in Harris’ kitchen.In 2002, after holing up in their Portland homes, the pair released their self-titled debut. But by the next year, they were out promoting the very first Thermals record, , and Hutch and Kathy the band became a footnote in Thermals history.

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