Iphone camera updating library

While similar, Photo Stream and i Cloud Photo Library function in a slightly different way.So while one might be the best solution for you, it may not be the right solution for everyone.So when you hear 'i Cloud,' you can translate it to Apple's carved out portion of the Internet.More specifically, photos are uploaded to a server at Apple via the Internet and then downloaded to your other devices from this server.

After a few years of being an imperfect solution, Apple introduced i Cloud Photo Library.Another useful feature of My Photo Stream is the ability to delete photos from the stream without deleting them from the device.When you delete a photo from i Cloud Photo Library, it is deleted from both the device and the i Cloud.This would give you access to the latest photos on your i Pad without taking up the extra space of storing every photo you own on your tablet.Even in optimized form, this can take up some precious storage space.

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