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Uschuya, after claiming them to be real ancient artifacts, admitted to creating the carvings he had sold and said he produced a patina by baking the stone in cow dung.

As a result of weathering, they have developed a thin patina.

Excavations in Ica Province were carried out in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries by scholars such as Max Uhle, Julio C. Kroeber, William Duncan Strong and John Howland Rowe.Uschuya recanted his claim that he had found them and instead admitted they were hoaxes, saying "Making these stones is easier than farming the land." He engraved the stones using images in books and magazines as examples and knives, chisels and a dental drill.Thus, a stone of uncertain origin can never be used to establish a conclusion which would otherwise be considered unlikely.The images vary from simple pictures on one side of a pebble, up to designs of great complexity.Some of the designs are in styles which can be recognized as belonging to the Paracas, Nazca, Tiwanaku, or Inca cultures.

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