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My fb is under attack again by for the 100th time because JNU and political posts.One of my last posts was about Mumbai dalit protests and riots.

The company has always wanted to keep content shared on Facebook strictly on the social network. I've wanted to do this for a long time, although I was recently told that it's frowned upon to issue the same updates on multiple social networks.There’s an example of a post shared from a user’s personal profile below.Posts from non-public Facebook pages can’t be displayed as they have an age or location restriction on them which prevent them from being publicly accessible via Facebook’s API.#India Against Lynch Terror C Don't be silent. Do join us in a protest against Tabrez Ansari's lynching in Jharkhand. They are not lawyers they are angels in the black coat !!Tomorrow, people in different cities, towns, villages are coming together across the country to say big no to ongoing lynching terrorism #India Against Lynch Terror Fo5ja UP सबका साथ - छोड़ दिया सबका विकास - भूल गए सबका विश्वास - तोड़ दिया तब्रेज, काश तुम्हारी जान की क़ीमत हमारे प्रधान मंत्री के लिए एक क्रिक्केटर के टूटी हुई ऊँगली जितना मूल्यवान होती।… This is the least we can do to show minimum respect to the loss of minority lives, their rights and freedoms since this country voted Modi to power: KHn TNGq2 Thank u @mvadera , for understanding: how much this meant. Tushar , has been warm, loving , we still have not done our coffee in Mumbai, but everytime I called him, he has been only kind . And lastly before I thank the court , I need to thank my wife Then there was @jarariya91 @pankhuripathak @gunjakapoor @Shehla_Rashid @jigneshmevani80 @kanhaiyakumar @sadhavi @deepazm & even @Shehzad_Ind (before relations soured) each one of them supporting , helping , simply being there . Last but not the least thank u hon SC, judges, the guys at the pass counter who were always warm & got my pass made in a minute and of course the journalists who cover courts. He was on board, used his staff for my work & never charged a paisa.

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The brutal lynching of this young man by a mob in Jharkhand is a blot on humanity.

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