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” Back when I started, gyms used to be named after either places or the name of the person opening up such places.Now the way I perceive is gym is a place where you work on your body, which is the physique and that, is how I came up with the name “THE PHYSIQUE WORKSHOP”.Another major challenge was that of convincing people that I know what I am doing regardless of my age because see, here in Nepal the fitness scene when I started was dominated people who had been doing it for more than a decade and people from bodybuilding background it was really hard to make people to take me seriously and as I was trying to break the conventional ways of doing fitness; educating people through the medium of text and video was yet another challenge as fitness was not that much of a noticed subject then.In your professional opinion, what do you have to say about the all time famous quote “NO PAIN NO GAIN”; fact or myth?Here are some questions and its answers that came up during our meet: How did the idea emerge?

But I was backed so positively by my friends and my parents that it pushed me towards going forward and not back.People witnessing this transformation in me started to ask for advice and quick tips for gaining muscles and workout routines.I was doing my workouts and giving advice and tips to those asking for it; now, see I started out to be this normal guy trying to leave the skinny kid behind but during this journey of transformation a passion had ignited in me.Coming from a family who has never done business and myself having little knowledge on the same subject it was quite challenging and exciting at the same time.Now it all started to shape when in my 7th semester I had entrepreneurship as my subject and the fire inside me was burning even more; while everybody else was doing intern in IT companies I was doing my internship in gym.

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