Hibernate java list not updating

However, I have no idea what you should do if you ever want to store a null value in the database...

The dynamic-update="true" option will also affect performance negative since Hibernate needs to rebuild the SQL for every update instead of using a pre-generated SQL. String, and by some property(in hbm) i tell hibernate that this will be my default value, so whenever you are going to update a tuple then check whether it is a default value or any other value?

Department#16] ,312 TRACE Abstract Entity Persister:3923 - Fetching entity: [entity.

Department#16] ,312 DEBUG Loader:2109 - Loading entity: [entity.

You need to complement this with dynamic-update="true" so that only the non-null properties are sent to the database.Department#16] ,333 TRACE Abstract Entity Persister:2844 - Hydrating entity: [entity.Department#16] ,334 TRACE Basic Extractor:74 - Found [REWQQ] as column [name2_0_0_] ,337 TRACE Loader:962 - Done processing result set (1 rows) ,338 TRACE Loader:1106 - Total objects hydrated: 1 ,338 DEBUG Two Phase Load:158 - Resolving associations for [entity.Department#16] ,311 TRACE Default Load Event Listener:403 - Attempting to resolve: [entity.Department#16] ,311 TRACE Default Load Event Listener:427 - Object not resolved in any cache: [entity.

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JDBC4Result [email protected]] ,322 TRACE Loader:937 - Processing result set ,322 DEBUG Loader:942 - Result set row: 0 ,323 DEBUG Loader:1476 - Result row: Entity Key[entity.

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