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Its mischievous harmonic runs are as likely to coax a smile from the audience as they are to reduce the performer to tears. Hausmann was a member of the Joachim Quartet, the most prestigious chamber group of its day, whose members, individually and as a group, were Brahms' closest collaborators.In the opening theme, the cello, in broken, yearning melodic fragments, seems to struggle against implacable opposition to reach into its highest registers.“[Quint] provides a fresh voice…The Russian school of string playing has taken on a different light with Quint” said Daniel Webster of the Philadelphia Inquirer and “a master of probing sentiment, shaded phrasing, and flawless technique” from Metro West.Misha Quint has appeared with such celebrated orchestras as the New York Chamber Symphony, Metropolitan Symphony, the London Soloists Chamber Orchestra at Queen Elizabeth Hall, Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra, Moscow State Symphony Orchestra, Leningrad State Orchestra, Orchestra of Classical and Contemporary Music, National Irish Symphony, the Orquestra Sinfônica do Teatro Nacional do Brasilia and with the Symphony Orchestras of Latvia and Georgia among others.A child prodigy, Ran began composing at the age of 7.

Carrying on this tradition, IIMF presents a program of music commissioned, arranged and composed by some of the greatest cello virtuosi of the last 200 years, in which they combine technical prowess with a deep and intimate knowledge of the essence of their instrument.

He has worked with an equally illustrious group of conductors including Maxim Shostakovich, Paul Lustig Dunkel, Colman Pearce, Sidney Harth, Ravil Martinov, Yakov Bergman, and Ira Levin.

Quint is an active chamber musician and has performed with such artists as Nikolai Znaider, Vadim Repin, Shlomo Mintz, Bela Davidovich, Bruno Canino, Julian Rachlin, Jean-Bernard Pommier, Sherban Lupu, Boris Kushnir, and Mikhail Kopelman.

Great composers are remembered forever, but the names, stories and achievements of great performers are often forgotten.

Nevertheless, music's very existence depends upon them.

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