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When a person is in a marriage or partnered relationship with someone addicted to alcohol, it’s not just the person dependent on alcohol who suffers, the partner is also directly affected, as they have to deal with everything from emotional distress to financial worries.

It often falls to the sober partner to “pick up the pieces” and maintain.

This is the philosophy of , and why we have created this bereavement and grief peer support network.

This can leave them feeling very alone and without anywhere to turn.

is offering this Bereavement and Grief Chat Room, these bereavement and grief forums and this bereavement and grief social network specifically for bereavement and grief peer support.

Experiencing a loss can make you angry, depressed, and utterly miserable.

It offers you, not only a 24-hour Bereavement and Grief peer support Chat Room, but bereavement and grief peer support forums and a bereavement and grief peer support social network to keep in touch with new friends made.

We hope you consider joining this bereavement and grief online support network.

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Eventually, these loved ones have to go back to their daily lives, and you are left to deal with this grief seemingly on your own.

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  1. I remember wrapping myself in a jacket with cardboard with a freakish grin while sobbing. I was first thrown out of my home punitively in 2013 when I was 14, for arguing with my father. Also, he would smell like horse, sweat, and body odor, and they would probably both have breath that smells like what Satan unleashes after a drunken night at Taco Bell. I’m trained to do that, which also means I have a certificate for being a good listener.