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With sex being so acceptable in the Netherlands, it seems that it has become normal.Of course, the fact that they rank themselves so highly in the bedroom may just mean that they are quite content with their sex life and don’t feel any need to spice things up.Activities range from pornography to prostitution with escorting, erotic massage, strip clubs and adult film production all benefitting from legal status.Some parts of the industry is facing a period of change as new legislation seeks to further control and regulate trade to clamp down on criminal activities.Do not forget to follow our chat rules so you won't get banned from accessing our chat room.

It’s that old scenario that where something is taboo it gains mythic status.

However, the Netherlands has long had a history of thriving sex industries; from historic figures like Madame Therese (one of Amsterdam’s most famous madams) and contemporary icons like Xavier Holland () to the new wave of professional porn studios and networks of amateur cam girls.

As legitimate businesses, brothels can provide plenty of profit for entrepreneurs with the most famous of these being Charles Geerts.

Sex education in The Netherlands is equally as progressive and starts with compulsory classes from the age of 4.

The approach is seen by many as the gold standard and has translated into low teen pregnancy and STD rates.

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