Fender lap steel guitars dating

This is necessarily a very limited discusssion of lap steel guitar models.

Fiberglass has also been used as a body material, and a marble bodied resonator guitar is commercially available. And the market must also feel they are small details since the demand and price for vintage Nationals has dropped so much.

At first, when they were only making wood body models, and I wasn't very impressed. The stiffer body forces the vibrations to the resonator instead of being absorbed by the body, hence giving better tone.

However, some contemporary players disregard these stereotypes and use resonator guitars in a wide variety of musical contexts.

Actually they aren't bad sounding steels if you can turn up the treble on your amp, and some are fairly fancy.

Some modern models are manufactured with both piezoelectric and magnetic pickups.

Flat top postwar models with Gibson bodies have some appeal, primarily due to their Gibson construction.

The company produces six-string resonator guitars of all three traditional resonator types, focusing on reproducing the feel and sound of old instruments. List of bluegrass musicians List of bluegrass bands List of bluegrass mandolinists.

More recently, 343 industries matchmaking solid body electric resonator guitars have appeared.

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